Women Nightslips Gowns

Shop Sleep Nightdresses Online in UAE

If you're looking for a nightdress to boost your feminine look and to put yourself in the mood for a relaxed night, choose a comfy nightgown from R&B’s wide collection of women’s sleepwear. Night dresses for women are usually made from cotton, silk, or nylon and they can be embellished with lace or embroidery at the bust, hem, and neckline. R&B offers a wide collection of intimate apparel and pyjamas that consist of top-quality materials that will last for years.

The selection of nightdresses available at R&B are mostly made of either polyester or cotton to provide comfort during nighttime. It’s advisable to wear loose clothes to bed such as nightdresses, so check out the collection and pick a style that will provide enough space for your skin to breathe.

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