Women’s Sleepwear Shorts

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Experience supreme comfort in our range of women’s sleep shorts at R&B Oman. Created with your comfort as a priority, our sleep shorts have both snugness and style so that you can get a relaxed sleep or wake up lazily in comfort.


Slip into softness with our curated line of lounge and pajama shorts, ensuring perfect comfort with the use of breathable fabrics like cotton blends and nylon. Whatever you choose between subtle solids, playful prints, or lovely patterns, our range has something for every mood and taste to provide you with a comfortable fit for relaxation or rest.


Infuse effortless elegance with our sleep shorts, which are meant to take your bedtime routine to the next level. Our sleepwear shorts combine the best of both worlds with flattering cuts and delicate details to offer you comfort and style in one piece. Whether it is the lace accents or satin trims, every pair has been meticulously made to ensure that you feel both luxurious and relaxed as you drift off to sleep.

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