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Step into a fragrant paradise with R&B Fashion's women's perfume collection, featuring an exquisite selection of five distinct fragrances: Angel's Kiss, Summer Chic, Winter Woods, Fantasy Dream, and Victor EDP. Handpicked to cater to all preferences, each scent is a unique exploration on its own. Whether you're captivated by the sweetness of florals in Angel's Kiss or the refreshing allure of Summer Chic, our perfumes offer something for every taste.


Indulge in the essence of summer with our Summer Chic EDP, 30ml. This vibrant women’s fragrance is a symphony of integrated floral scents that brings forth a wonderful summer experience. Embrace the radiance of the season with notes that effortlessly blend, creating a scent that is not only perfect for summer but also complements your body mists. Make Summer Chic EDP your distinctive fragrance, encapsulating the spirit of sunshine and bliss.


With the shifting seasons, our fragrance preferences also change. Embody the cozy and comforting notes of Winter Woods EDP, 30ml. Infused with Italian bergamot, Meyer lemon, mandarin, juicy pear nectar, and lush raspberries, this winter ladies’ perfume is a delightful formula that perfectly captures the chill vibe of the season. Let the Winter Woods EDP wrap you in its warmth, making it an ideal choice for the colder months.

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