Top Ramadan 2022 Outfits & Fashion Ideas

The holy month of Ramadan is a month of spirituality, sharing and giving back in its essence. It comes with a lot of discipline, commitment and also a lot of preparation ahead. With the dedication to prayer and fasting of the day, also come the Iftar gathering, nighttime Suhoor and catching up with family, relatives and friends over all the celebrations that Ramadan brings.

While cherishing the holy month, the dress code is at the top of the list of preparations. Dressing respectfully while looking fashionable will require some dress code alteration going well along with the holy month’s spirit, culture and tradition. We thought of showing you ways that women, men and kids can dress in this holy month with Ramadan staple styles and statement pieces for fashionable and modest Ramadan outfit ideas and looks.

Ramadan Outfit Ideas for Women

From Ramadan flowy dresses to layering on the right way and accessorizing outfits that make the perfect Ramadan attire, we have women covered with ideas this Ramadan that will make you stand out from the crowd and look trendy.

An Elevated Modesty: Ramadan’s go-to Maxi Dresses

A signature piece and elegant twist on your basic Ramadan Abaya is the perfect Ramadan dress. Ramadan dresses are perfect statement pieces as an outfit for Iftar or even a Suhoor gathering. Worn right and paired with the right accessories, dresses can make a stylish and standout look that exudes femininity. Long-sleeved, Maxi dresses are the right choice for a Ramadan outing that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. With so many styles for Ramadan clothes online helping you with modest and chic looks, you can’t go wrong. Ramadan dresses don’t just go well during the holy month; these staple maxi dresses can be your go-to outfit for Eid or at any event that requires a modest look.

Pair a Maxi Ramadan dress with elegant mid-heel shoes and a clutch for a Suhoor out, or chunky sports shoes for a laid-back, relaxed look. It also goes really well with ballet flats or sandals for more comfort when you have your relatives over for an Iftar gathering at home. Don’t be scared to go for a bold look by adding a thick leather belt with a metal buckle, which is also a trendy accessory that is coming back in strong, it’ll accentuate a flowy dress and add another element of femininity to your outfit.

Easy put-together Ramadan Outfits: Layers for days

We’ve all been there, we’ve had many of those Ramadan days when we were rushing to get the table prepared for Iftar and didn’t have the time to think our outfits through. Or, we’ve simply run out of Ramadan outfit ideas. Cue layers; a smart and fast way to put an outfit together in no time. Statement jackets, traditional kaftans and chic blazers are all versatile layering pieces that can take you from a day at the office to Iftar and Suhoor night gatherings. Long and loose-fitting Cardigans will do wonders over your regular denim and t-shirt or blouse and work great as a chic kimono or cover-up. Another great layering idea is to add a scarf or a pashmina to your Ramadan outfit, not only is it an essential that will transform your look, it’s also easy to put on or peel off according to the weather. For an effortlessly chic look, a structured blazer teamed over a t-shirt with a flowy midi slip-on silk skirt will make a modern and trendy well-put-together outfit for having Iftar out.

To Complete your Ramadan Outfit: Accessorize all the way

Striking jewelry, headpieces, scarf veils, and versatile bags in every style can make a great addition to your Ramadan outfit. Whether you have a gathering at home or have been invited to Iftar or Suhoor outside, there’s a piece that suits all occasions. Think embellished hair accessories that can add an appealing spark to your Ramadan evenings or a multi-colored vibrant scarf to revive a plain-colored Ramadan dress.

Crocodile leather pouch bags and shimmery hand clutches are a style staple when it comes to adding that final tailored touch to your evening outfit as well. For an added glimmer, jewelry never fails; complement your Ramadan attire with chunky gold earrings or a statement necklace to showcase your elegance and thoughtfulness.

Ramadan outfits to Make Men Stand Out

A simple yet sophisticated men’s Ramadan outfit is on every man’s list when it comes to having Iftar or Suhoor gatherings. Dress up to the occasion with these Ramadan outfit ideas that exude the elegance and the simplicity that you need. A twist on the laid-back casual look can be so fashionable when you combine your lounge joggers and hoodie over a structured sleek men’s blazer with white sneakers for footwear. Simple chinos paired with a basic t-shirt or these trend-proof polos and vest is another Ramadan outfit that will definitely strike an appeal. Mix and match between striped bottoms and basic tops and slim-fitting shirts or vice versa and don’t forget to pair your outfit with a watch for a final seal of elegance.

Versatile and Easy Kids’ Ramadan Outfits

Dress your little ones for Iftar at your relatives or Suhoor out in style with the R&B kids’ collection. Floral designs are very trendy and look adorable on girls. Easily style your kid with a floral dress with sandals. A polka-dotted skirt is another piece that is an investment for both Ramadan and Eid outfits. For effortless and easy kids’ Ramadan outfits, we already have these outfit sets for girls and boys, styled and prepared ahead by us so you can save the time for other Ramadan preparations. Find your needs from clothes for toddlers and infants as well to dress your kids in style for their first Ramadan.

Were you able to take looking stylish off your list now with these ideas? We hope you go about this holy month feeling inspired and well-prepared with modest and stylish Ramadan outfit ideas and most importantly, a modest spirit. Happy Ramadan!

5 Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers are superwomen in disguise. They sure make it look easy, but we all know how much effort they go through to make everyone around them happy and fulfilled, with love as their only motive. And there’s no better day to show them how you truly appreciate them than their own celebratory day; Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve made a curated collection of thoughtful Mother’s Day shopping and gift ideas from R&B fashion that they will love, so you can spoil the extraordinary mother or mother figure in your life; mothers, new mums, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, aunts or teachers. It’s your turn to give the love back with a special gift that is just as thoughtful as they are!

Mother's Day Gifts

Ways to shower mothers with the love they deserve are not easy to find, but luckily, we have Mother’s Day to show our mothers how much we appreciate and cherish their existence. Surely, a loving gesture and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift will definitely make the cut. It’s well worth the effort and says a lot, especially if you surprise them with what they like.

Here are our top picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas to help your express your love with choices that they will truly love!


Nothing tops elegance when it comes to mums’ fashion look priorities, and what better way to show your mother gratitude for everything she has done than by gifting her the elegance of beautiful, hand-selected jewelry. An eye-catching set of dangling waterfall gold earrings or a set of multi-pair earrings with pearls will go naturally gorgeous with a printed silk scarf. Another great choice for mothers - and also a trendy one - is a crystal-beaded bracelet with a matching crystal necklace for an ultimate evening-out look.

Home Accessories

Another sensible Mother's Day gift idea that will show your mother that you care about what she exactly cares about is Home Accessories. Mums love to decorate their homes and scrabble stores with all their might looking for the perfect addition to their living room couch and coffee table, why not save her the trouble? - Not that she will stop ever shopping for home accessories but a helping hand will be highly appreciated!

Show her that you know her taste, home cushions or cushion covers would effortlessly revive the living room look and make a great Mother’s Day gift that she will adore, and to go the extra mile, a scented candle and fresh-cut flowers would truly add an impressive loving touch.

And since mothers love gatherings, earn yourself some homemade brownie points with this set of modern golden cutlery that will make a sophisticated addition when she’s having picnics and cookouts.

Beauty Products & Cosmetic Accessories

You can’t go wrong with beauty products and cosmetic accessories as a Mother's Day gift idea! She’s always using them, so you’ll be helping her replenish her supply. Complement your mother’s beauty with her favorite beauty and cosmetic products that we know she will certainly love. They can easily be paired with a cosmetics pouch or an on-the-go pocket mirror that will make her look her best every time she corrects her make-up.

If you want to play it safe, we recommend this multi-manicure set with exquisite cover designs or a make-up brush set that comes with different size brushes for the professional make-up artist that she is.

Canvas & Shopper Bags

Mums need to fit everything into one bag and they need to do it in style. A gift that is especially handy for new mums who need to have all their baby essentials and theirs in one place is a Canvas or Shopper bag. The bag is large enough, easily carried on the shoulder and with R&B fashion’s collection of stylish shopper bags and canvas bags with trendy prints, the mission is accomplished!

This tropical-print canvas shopper bag is perfect for travel strolls in the summer and is also one of our all-time favorite travel companions to keep all her beach accessories or kids’ belongings.

Loafers and Mules

Whether your mother is a stay-at-home mum, a working mum, or an avid follower of all fashion trends, footwear is the last thing on her list of things to be worried about. Mums are always on-the-run between chores and with all the footwear options out there, she no longer has to compromise style and comfort. We love this embellished sling-back black ballerina that is both comfortable and chic and can easily be matched with any of her outfits.

Loafers are another great footwear option and these black slip-on loafers are hard to resist; a perfect fit and another comfy addition to her everyday use. A statement fashion piece, that is as practical as well, is a pair of mules that suits both work and off-duty hours. Another safe choice for active, as well as aging mothers, is sports shoes, with padded insoles, they’ll be perfect for walking and light for movement.

Have you chosen a gift for your mother on Mother’s Day yet? R&B’s fashion collection plus a subtle personal touch like a hand-written card or flowers will definitely put a smile on her face! No matter what choice of gift you make, the most important thing is to show her how much you appreciate everything she does to make you who you are today.